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1.7 Million Tonnes of Reusable Items - Thrown Away

We have a problem...

The way we buy products is disconnected from how we use those products, and those who launch them into their next life.

In the UK, we’re sending 137,000 buses’ worth of reusable items to landfill every year. These are items that could have done so much more.

According to the UN, if our global population hits the projected 9.6 billion by 2050, we’ll need almost three planets’ worth of resources to sustain our current lifestyles. Right now, there’s only one.

We don’t have another option. We have to do more and better with less.

Redesigning How Stuff Is Passed On

We want to make reusing, repurposing, remanufacturing, and recycling consumer products the norm, so there are easy alternatives to landfill.

About Us

GoodMine is a female-led, profit-for-purpose technology company redesigning how consumer goods flow through the system to advance the circular economy (SDG12).

Creating a continuous path for consumer goods

The system is broken, so we are creating a new one. We are starting by making climate action easy for those of us who don’t know how to find the best next life for their unwanted belongings, by creating a service that replicates the convenience of returning unwanted new purchases letting you choose what your priorities are (earn cash, speed, sustainability).  

We are bringing councils and retailers into the loop too, as it takes networks to fix systems.

The Vision For GoodMine

GoodMine was born in April 2021. I had a much loved but broken (fancy) coffee machine sitting in my living room for over a year. I could find no repair options or new life for it, despite hours of research and phone calls.  

With an obsession about waste I wanted to know why it is so hard for products we buy to have long lives. I started reading waste policy documents, took circular economy training and found a broken system. Once we buy and use a product, we become responsible to find repairs or its next life so it doesn’t go to landfill or isn’t burned. The system makes it easy to buy, so why not the rest?  

GoodMine is a platform that connects the dots so that products can flow from retailers to consumers, to the right redistributors, to the next users, and then again so that each product is used to its max.   

If you are a business or local authority interested in working with us, or even following our story, please join our waitlist.



CEO & Founder, Nikki
Our Progress
A huge thank you to our supporters who are making our dreams come true!