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Discover new ways to give, donate, sell, share and recycle.

Let Us Help!

The way we buy products is disconnected from how we use those products, and those who launch them into their next life.

In the UK, we’re sending 137,000 buses’ worth of reusable items to landfill every year. These are items that could have done so much more.

According to the UN, if our global population hits the projected 9.6 billion by 2050, we’ll need almost three planets’ worth of resources to sustain our current lifestyles. Right now, there’s only one.

We don’t have another option. We have to do more and better with less.

The Circular Economy Needs Simplifying

Getting rid of your unwanted items sustainably is way too difficult. That’s why we’re working to find more local and online opportunities for your pre-loved goods.

GoodMine finds you opportunities from local councils, charities, businesses, refurbishers and sustainable dreamers. We’re working to make parting with pre-loved items as simple as returning unwanted purchases.

Our Mission

Better futures for unwanted items

We’re working to protect the earth’s precious resources. We want to find as many ways as possible for our pre-loved goods to be used again and again.
Unfortunately, landfill is often the easiest option. That’s something we want to change. It’s why we’re committed to simplifying discovering better futures for our unwanted items.

Pick Your Priorities - Cash, Speed, Planet?

Moving house but can’t take the sofa? Want to declutter and help others? Looking to raise some extra money?

Your goals are as unique as your unwanted items. GoodMine empowers you to match your search results with your needs, helping you find the right opportunity for your unused or unwanted stuff.

Search, Connect & Track Your Impact

Getting rid of your unwanted things is way too difficult. That’s why we’ve created a one-stop place to help you find and connect to charities, secondhand businesses, refurbishers, recyclers and sustainable dreamers. 

You can also track your CO2 impact so we can all be climate action heroes.

Find The Next Life For Your Stuff

Did you know there’s a Morphy Richards iron from the 1940s still going strong? The things that you don’t want might be someone else’s treasure, so no need to send them into early retirement!

Find the next life for your stuff and make your wallet, your community, and the planet a better place. 

Coming Soon!

Our first pilots will be launching in various pockets and communities in London from this Spring 2024.  

Thanks to support from Innovate UK, Future Industries Demonstrator, Islington and Hammersmith & Fulham Councils, we want to prove your unwanted goods are valuable.



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